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Mahery Ratsimarofo,

Our coding team leader,

21 years old, is a Student in Votonvorona Polytechnic School of Antananarivo. He has been volunteering for us for two years now.

Video credit : Sylvie Malal, Mazava Association

There are 6 good reasons to learn to code :

1. Coding changes the child's attitude with the computer, making him or her creative. Children are becoming less consumers of finished products.

2. Coding helps to structure the reasoning, the child gives instructions to achieve his objective.

3. Coding teaches how to carry out a project and allows you to develop problem-solving strategies.

4. Coding teaches to work with others by developing collaborative work. Digital is everywhere, regardless of the sector in which a child will work later on, he will need it.

5. Knowing how to code opens up the field of possibilities. If you create a music group for example, you will manage your own image on the Internet, your website, your communications etc.

6. Understanding what an algorithm is used for, is a better understanding of the digital world. Knowing that it is an algorithm that manages applications makes it possible to understand that we can intervene on it and no longer undergo the initial reasoning.

Of course, the girls are getting into it too.


- is the new educational trend.

Didactic games, applications, play materials are examples of game-inspired devices that enhance student learning through a system of scores, rewards and levels of progress.

This method makes it easier to boost children’s memorization, reactivity, nimbleness and to learn languages more smoothly, to remember in a long term the correct pronunciation of new words.

** Touch, finger use, sound, colour... can stimulate another kind of memorizing ability.

Apple Swift Playground (c) is the tool we choose to do so.