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Tina Zo Waibel

Team Leader - Project Manager

Passionate about Education, Tina studied Education and Social Intervention to be able to work on this very field. She is now based in London and works within the Data and Digital industry.

She has started to volunteer with Education for Madagascar since 2015, and now acts as a project manager in some education and conservation projects.

Tina initiated  and led our May project “Career Day Awareness” where we invited many inspiring people, with diverse expertise to talk to our kids about careers : the dream, the goal, the journey, the perspective… Her main objective was to “plant the seeds of a better life”, hoping those seeds would grow big and contribute to changing those kids’ lives, but also their families, the community, the country !

We are facing the difficulty to manage the gap between, in one hand, the western community, economically efficient, with a process that has proved its worth and, in an other hand, the developing countries which have needs in many fields like organisation, time management, planning and thinking in a long term perspective.

Tina is a well travelled volunteer. Because she understands either the Malagasy, the French and the British society, she is able to suggest an universal solution that could fit to our educational issues in Madagascar, according to the behaviour of the Malagasy, how they organise themselves and how they make collective decisions... We both would consider  sharing the experience we are living in Europe, to Malagasy children and young people, complying with the Malagasy culture and habits. We intend not to offer a passive assistance but to provide a progressive and solid support.

We consider Tina as a co-founder of our organisation because of the consistency, the long-life friendship and loyalty she proved so far.

These are the priceless added-values offered by Tina. I, of course, wish we will have many more projects to manage together. It’s a delight to work and share with her the love and passion of Madagascar, our beautiful country.

Jackie Sutter

June 2018


"To make them dream

for a better life"