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This project is at crossing of health / well being and gender equality :

First and foremost, Health is a key factor of a successful child development. Subsequently, Women's social and economic empowerment is essential to realizing women's rights and gender equality.

Every month in 2019-2020; we meet  with  the women living the village of Ambohibe to work on subjects such as :

- family planning and the parenthood,

- natural contraception and education on sexuality,

- balanced food and nutrition

- women's rights,

- protection against domestic violence,

- personal hygiene, low cost and natural beauty treatments and

- home-based economic activities.

These topics are covered by professionals, experts in their field, starting on  the International Women's Rights Day on the 8th March 2019.

They are divided into several workshops in a small group in order to ensure that there is an exchange, to set up a sharing in a friendly, accessible and understandable atmosphere for all, whatever the level of education of the participants.

Many thanks to the panelists :

- Francine Ratsimbazafy, Head of ChateauBriand School

- Miora  Ramaharivo, Nurse and Law consultant

- Dr. Suzy Ratsimbazafy, Doctor, General Practioner

- Landy Rasamoeliniaina, MA in Education, Gender and International Development

- Marie-Christina Kolo, Climate activist, youth inclusion advocate and feminist

- Saraha Rabearisoa, Lawyer

- Yasmine Fidimalala, Painter and Reiki Therapist

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" Women Who Support Women Are More Successful "