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Martina Cechova,

Zumba and Fitness Instructor

Beyond her personal and family background as an International sport leader, Martina is a very appreciated zumba and fitness instructor who advises and trains ladies in our area to stay fit. She offered with generosity her time and her image, featuring Brands for this second edition fashion event.

A group of friends living in London and Surrey :

Anne Potaczala

Emmanuelle Duret

Eva Alonso

Florence Perrais

Gaelle Abecassis

Isabelle Lollichon

Julie Louvety

Kathy Chaudhary

Nicole De Sousa

Sharon Bylenga

Valerie Carlier

Veronique Heim

Veronique Leblanc

Virginie Mignot

Teresa Hwan

Tina Waibel

make all together this fundraising a success. They donate, collect, sell and buy to gather enough money to purchase nine new tablets for our media library. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of our children.

Jackie Sutter

February 2017