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Roger, wishes to join the Army and protect the population. Mickelinah, wants  to be a flight attendant "because I care about people”.  Richie wants to become a gendarme to get rid off the dahalo, the bush’s gangsters. Narovana dreams to work as a surgeon. Bienvenu is interested in policemen to calm down people. Noely wants to become an electrician to be sure the light will be on every time we need it.

“Mr Rivo, Is it true that children from poor families won’t never  become a physician” ? They are aged between 9 and 15 years old.  We talked and shared their dreams, all the career they wish to pursue when they grow up, and planned about  their lives at Ambohibe Ilafy, Education For Madagascar Headquarter.

There are 55 children here, they come from Akamasoa,  Ambohibe and Analamahitsy. Every Wednesday afternoon, on Saturdays, during holidays,  they spend their spare time here.

A piano, a guitar, reading books help and support them for learning, for english club, french expression, followed by 11 educators and 5 supervisors.

Wherever you live, wherever you come from, your dream should have no limit. Your constant care for the future, your daily persistence and courage will lead you to the path of your destiny.

Rivo Rakotondrasanjy.

May 2018

(Translated from Malagasy)


Rivo Rakotondrasanjy

"Our dream and us"